About us

World Muhajir Congress is a human rights and advocacy organization for secular ethnic Muhajirs –those millions who had migrated to Pakistan following the partition of India in 1947 and whose had majority settled in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. These mainly Urdu-speaking Mohajirs are Pakistan’s most educated as well as most liberal and enlightened people in Pakistan.

The main objective of WMC is to apprise the world of racial discrimination, injustices, , human rights violations and genocide that Muhajirs have been facing in Pakistan right from the inception of the country. More than 20,000 Muhajirs have been extrajudicially killed in army led operations in Karachi since 1992. Thousands are displaced and missing.

Muhajir Nation is facing enforced disappearances, forced change of political loyalties, political victimization and torture at the hands of Pakistan’s military establishment, particularly Pakistan’s largely autonomous spy agency, the ISI. WGEID, the United Nations’ group dealing with enforced disappearances, has documented hundreds of cases of disappearances of MQM workers in Pakistan in its last 11 quarterly reports. While secular Mohajirs are being subjected to inhuman behaviour by Pakistan’s armed forces, religious extremist groups are thriving in Pakistan under the patronage of the country’s powerful military establishment. These groups have established their bases in Karachi’s outskirts as well as in some densely populated slums where they have set up their own Sharia courts which dispense their own form of justice. Law enforcement agencies never dare to step in those areas. These heavily armed extremist groups pose serious threats to life and liberty of secular Mohajirs and other religious minorities in urban Sindh.

WMC aims to bring this grave situation into the knowledge of all concerned worldwide organisations, those in the US in particular, in order to seek their help and support in securing the lives, liberty and other fundamental human rights of 50 million Muhajirs in Pakistan.

World Muhajr Congress believes in religious freedom and harmony. It stands firmly against religious extremism and terrorism. WMC’s goal is to eradicate terrorism in all its manifestations and promote peace, security and stability in the region as well as globally.