World Muhajir Congress welcomes US stance on putting Pakistan on notice and act against terror sanctuaries

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Communication & Media Cell; WMC, Washington DC, 25th December 2017,

The World Muhajir Congress, an advocacy group for the rights of Muhajirs in Pakistan (and worldwide), has written a letter of appreciation to U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  In its letter, the WMC has lauded the Trump administrations “bold” policy in placing Pakistan “on notice” regarding its ill-fated policy of harboring and supporting terrorist organizations in S. Asia, particularly through the powerful Pakistani military establishment, and its intelligence wing, the ISI.  The WMC went on to debrief President Trump regarding the continued injustices being faced by the Muhajirs in Pakistan.  More specifically, the WMC claimed that due to Muhajirs strong opposition to radical Islamist voices in Pakistan, the Muhajirs are being singled out by the military establishment through political persecution, extra-judicial killings, forced disappearances of Muhajir men, and a state-sponsored media trial that continues to portray the Muhajirs as “agents of India” and “anti-state.”

In its letter, the WMC also offered to assist the Trump administration in formulating policy matters for S. Asia, particularly as it relates to Pakistan.  The WMC concluded by reassuring the President that because Muhajirs are truly the most liberal, progressive, and pro-Western people in Pakistan, they are Americas natural allies in the region, and If given a chance, Muhajirs can play a leading role in eliminating terrorism and violence from the region.  The letter concluded with the WMC offering unequivocal support to the Trump administration as it formulates a more tougher approach in dealing with Pakistan’s duplicitous behavior in the region.