US Congresswoman shows concern over human rights violations in Karachi, Pakistan. US will help in the economic development of Muhajirs: Barbara Comstock

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Communication & Media Cell; WMC, Washington DC, 14th November 2017,

World Muhajir Congress (WMC) and its leadership hosted an open forum for economic development of Muhajirs in USA and Pakistan with Honorable Congresswoman Barbara Comstock as the guest of honor. Large number of Muhajir Americans attended the event. The main objective of the event was to highlight and identify positives ways for the large growing Muhajir population in USA and translating the advancement in USA to the people of Karachi, Pakistan. The conversation was on the following topics.

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock serves on Joint Economic Committee in US Congress and participates in wide variety of Caucuses. Her office is great resource in guiding communities.

Congresswoman Comstock told Muhajir Americans to inform the US leadership in policy arena by sharing their personal and affected family members stories. She mentioned that you are “always invited to our table” with your expertise to enrich our community. Importantly, she mentioned that “education and economic development go hand in hand in changing things”.  Expressing concern over the violation of human rights of Muhajirs in Karachi, an influential Republican Congresswoman has assured the Muhajir community to raise their voice in the Congress.
Puneet Ahluwalia, member of the Republican Party of Virgina shared that this is an important issue for the Muhajir Americans. They have to rally together and work closely with US leadership. They should demand that the US aid to Pakistan should be directed toward economic development and education of people of Karachi.

Renowned expert on South Asia affairs Arif Jamal delivered an important speech on this occasion. He highlighted the role of Pakistan’s military establishment in exporting extremism and terrorism in the region. He said that port city of Karachi could fall in the hands of Taliban as it’s being surrounded by extremist terror groups. He shed light on gross human rights violations in Karachi and said that  Muhajirs are being persecuted and victimized in Pakistan.

WMC Directors Jamshed Warsi and Arif Siddiqui addressed the gathering. They said that 70 million Muhajirs are being deprived of their fundamental rights in Pakistan. 22,000 Muhajirs have been brutally killed by Army led operations in Karachi and Urban Sindh.  The WMC office bearers  rejected the bogus census results and demand for a fair census under the supervision of United Nations. They urged US administration and Congress to play their role in stopping state atrocities on Muhajirs in Pakistan.

WMC Director Tauseef Khan thanked Muhajir community for attending event in large numbers on economic development of Muhajirs.

Muhajir Americans are bringing attention to the gross human rights abuse on their educated secular community in Karachi and Urban centers of Sindh province in Pakistan.