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Communication & Media Cell; WMC, Washington DC, 9th November 2017, A delegation of World Muhajir Congress (WMC) met with Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs at Capitol Hills on Wednesday. The meeting was held during Congressional hearing on President’s FY Budget request for Pakistan & Afghanistan.

The World Muhajir Congress delegation briefed Assistant Secretary of State on gross human rights violations in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi and atrocities against Muhajirs committed by paramilitary Rangers. She was briefed on recent cases of enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings and inhumane torture inflicted in custody on Muhajirs by Punjabi-dominated law enforcement agencies.

The delegation told Assistant Secretary of State that the lives of 70 million Muhajirs are in danger as they face persistent persecution and victimization in Pakistan. More than 22,000 Muhajirs have been brutally killed in various army-led operations in Karachi and other urban centers of Sindh since 1992. The state atrocities and discriminatory policies towards Muhajirs are increasing a sense of alienation among Muhajirs who are the most educated, democratic and secular force in Pakistan.

The role of Pakistan’s notorious spy agency ISI was also discussed during the meeting. WMC members highlighted the role of ISI in fueling extremism and terrorism worldwide in general and in the region in particular. The delegation conveyed its concerns over the growing influence of terrorist outfits such as Taliban and ISIS in the port city of Karachi under the protection of ISI.

World Muhajir Congress assured Ms. Alice Wells that millions of Muhajirs are true allies of the U.S. in South Asia region and requested U.S. policymakers to play their role in granting Muhajirs and Balochs their basic human rights in Pakistan.

World Muhajir Congress requested US administration to use its good offices to stop genocide of Muhajirs in Pakistan. They urged US Congress to suspend all kind of aid to Pakistan until its civilian and military establishment honor their legal and diplomatic obligations and treat country’s religious and ethnic minorities equally.

WORLD MUHAJIR CONGRESS is a human rights and advocacy organization that represents approximately 70-million Muhajir population in Pakistan.