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Communication & Media Cell; WMC, Washington DC, 8th November 2017, In a memorandum submitted to US Congressional hearing on President’s FY Budget request for Pakistan and Afghanistan, World Muhajir Congress has requested President Trump and US Congress to suspend all kind of aid to Pakistan. Joint Subcommittee hearing was attended by members of Congress along with Alice G. Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary for Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs and Gregory Huger, Assistant to the Administrator for US AID.


Alice G. Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary for Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs and Tauseef Khan Member (WMC)

The delegation of World Muhajir Congress met with Assistant Secretary of State, members of Joint Subcommittee and conveyed their concern on allocating budget for Pakistan in FY 2018. WMC members briefed Assistant Secretary of State on atrocities against Muhajirs committed by paramilitary Rangers in Karachi. She was briefed on the political victimization of Muhajirs in Pakistan and the role of ISI in fueling extremism and terrorism in the region.

The U.S. budget blueprint must be considered as a public and national security measure: all those who are given American tax payers’ hard-earned money must be communicated without mincing words that they first comply with all the U.S. and international laws or expect nothing from the USA but sanctions. Until Pakistan fails to honor its all legal and diplomatic obligations and treats its religious and ethnic minorities humanely, no money should be allocated for Pakistan in this budget or any future budgets. We believe this will send a clear message to Pakistan that days of its two-faced treacherous policy towards the USA are over.

WORLD MUHAJIR CONGRESS, a human rights and advocacy organization that represents approximately 70-million Muhajir population in Pakistan, would like to request the honorable members of the Joint Sub-Committee to reject outright any proposal seeking U.S. financial aid and or any military assistance to Pakistan based on the considerations mentioned below.

The memorandum said that President Donald Trump recently vowed to put “America First” and laid out a comprehensive strategic policy on Pak-Afghan crisis to achieve lasting peace in the region. Through this long awaited policy, President Trump has given blunt warning to Pakistan’s military establishment to stop exporting extremism and terrorism in the region as well as globally.

Pakistan’s persistent treacherous policy and blatant hypocrisy towards the USA-led War on Terror is deplorable and raises serious concerns as Pakistan’s actual power, its Punjabi-dominated Military Establishment, has failed to extend sincere and meaningful support to the U.S. and NATO allied forces right from the onset of the current security situation in Afghanistan. It is a public knowledge now that Pakistan’s Military Establishment, its notorious spy agency, ISI in particular, have been providing safe havens to terrorist outfits on Pakistani soil, thus putting lives in danger of American men and women of armed forces serving in Afghanistan. The savage Haqqani network in particular is using Pakistani territory to launch deadly attacks on US forces in Afghanistan.

The memorandum further said that the United States is by far the biggest donor to Pakistan in terms of economic, military and financial aid, grants and loans. Pakistan’s powerful security machinery, instead of utilizing this support to completely eliminate terrorism from Pakistani soil, is supporting and providing safe havens to terrorists and destabilizing the region. ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are operating freely from terror sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. As you might recall, it was the Pakistani premier spy agency ISI which had provided refuge to the masterminds of 9/11 terror attacks in the USA. The masterminds behind the worst terror attack on U.S. soil -Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and others- were either killed or captured in Pakistan. Many credible global publications have reported that ISI is still deeply involved in terror financing and shielding and arming terrorist groups. Even the U.S. Military command has raised serious concerns over the role of ISI in fueling terror in South Asia and working against U.S. interests.

On one hand Pakistan is blatantly supporting religious extremism and terrorism and on the other, the state of Pakistan is actively engaged in committing large scale violations of human rights against its religious and ethnic minorities, Muhajirs and Balochs in particular. Kidnapping, torture, enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings of both Muhajir and Baloch citizens are a daily norm in Pakistan. Thousands of innocent Muhajirs have been brutally killed by Pakistan Army and para-military Rangers in the so-called security operation since 1992. Muhajirs, who happen to be the most progressive, educated and democratic-loving ethnic group in Pakistan, are facing relentless persecution and victimization at the hand of Punjabi-dominated security forces of Pakistan.  Religious minorities are also a permanent target of Pakistan’s religiously motivated security forces who are using draconian blasphemy laws to brutally treat these minorities. In short, Pakistan continues to fail to honor the United Nations various charters on human rights as well those of the U.S. and other law-abiding and peace-loving countries.

Pakistani Military Establishment’s absolute disregard to the international obligations and the flow of security threats emanating from Pakistan have been a constant challenge for U.S. policymakers for a while. It is also a public knowledge now that the civilian government in Pakistan has absolutely no control over the country’s foreign, security or fiscal policy. It is Pakistan’s Punjabi-dominated Military Establishment that runs the country and has been responsible for turning the country into an orphanage of international terrorists, including Osama-bin-Laden and Mullah Omar. It is this Military Establishment that has been propping up, training, arming, financing and using terrorist outfits worldwide. Unfortunately, this challenge has not been met with the tenacity and vigor that this challenge has demanded. Consequently, Pakistan’s territorial and logistical support to terror outfits increased over the years. Such an irresponsible behavior, which many rightly term as contemptuous, can only be stopped by applying strict diplomatic sanctions and putting a complete stop to all financial and military aid or assistance to Pakistan.

World Muhajir Congress appeal the US administration and Congress to stop giving aid or any kind of assistance to countries that hate our existence and Pakistan is no exception.

Tens of millions of Muhajirs are true allies of the USA in South Asian region and request its policymakers to play their role in granting them their basic human rights in Pakistan.