World Muhajir Congress Condemns terror attacks in Afghanistan

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Communication & Media Cell; Washington DC, 21st Oct 2017; World Muhajir Congress has strongly condemned recent wave of terror attacks in Afghanistan which killed dozens of people. In a statement issued to media, WMC offered deepest condolences to Afghan government and families who lost their loved ones in these attacks.World Muhajir Congress said that brutal and cowardly attacks on mosques and military installations showed that terror outfits want to destabilize Afghanistan at any cost. These foreign funded terrorist elements and their handlers have an agenda to harm and derail the Afghan peace process. The safe havens of jihadi organizations on Pak – Afghan border are the root cause of promoting militancy in Afghanistan. (11)

The advocacy group based in Washington DC said that Muhajir Nation stands with the government and brave people of Afghanistan in war against terror. Afghan people have been sacrificing their lives to achieve peace and security in their homeland. The group hailed the Afghan government and security forces for their response to the attacks.

WMC further said that Muhajirs will continue to support Afghan efforts to eradicate extremism and terrorism from their country.  In their statement, they welcomed recent military strikes by US and NATO led alliance against terror camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  They extend their unconditional support to all regional and international stake holders who wants to bring peace, stability and prosperity to South Asia region. A well-coordinated international effort with the support of regional players like Muhajirs and Balochs would be helpful to address state sponsored terrorism in the region.

World Muhajir Congress (WMC) is a human rights and advocacy organization that strives to represent those secular ethnic Muhajirs whose ancestors had migrated to Pakistan following the partition of India in 1947 and whose majority had settled in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, mainly the port city of Karachi. These Muhajirs, whose language is Urdu and whose population is now 70 million in Pakistan, are the most educated as well as the most liberal and enlightened ethnic group in Pakistan.