World Muhajir Congress Letter to US Secretary of State highlighting atrocities against Muhajirs & Balochs in Pakistan

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World Muhajir Congress request honorable Secretary of State to raise these issues in  meetings with Pakistani officials and make it clear to them that stability and prosperity will remain an elusive goal for Pakistan until it grants all its ethnic groups their due rights and stop supporting terror groups.

WMC will continue to offer its unconditional support to US administration in its efforts to eradicate terrorism and terror sanctuaries worldwide. It will also continue to urge U.S. Congress and President Trump’s Administration to cut off all military aid to Pakistan until Pakistani military establishment complies with human rights charter.

70-million Muhajirs are the strongest allies of the USA in that region. They are looking towards US administration with optimism. Please raise their plight and demand justice, equality and fundamental rights for them in Pakistan.