World Muhajir Congress Meets with U.S. Lawmakers

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Communication & Media Cell; Washington DC, 21st  Sep 2017; – A delegation of the World Muhajir Congress (WMC), led by Mr. Tauseef Khan, met with U.S. lawmakers in its effort to advocate for the rights of the Muhajir nation in Pakistan. During their trip to Capitol Hill, the WMC delegation held talks with the Office of Congressman Ami Bera and Senator Ben Cardin.  During the meetings, the WMC members updated the respective offices with the current situation in Pakistan, particularly as it relates to the Pakistan military’s ongoing support for international terrorism, including their misuse of U.S. provided military weapons against the innocent people of Baluchistan.

The delegation further presented additional evidence of the ongoing persecution of the Muhajir’s inside Pakistan.  More specifically, the WMC delegation presented the respective offices with factual data concerning the slaughter of more than 22,000 ethnic Muhajirs at the hands of the Pakistani military Establishment and its repression of the Muhajir political voice.  The WMC further apprised the lawmakers of the military junta’s most recent policy of depriving Muhajirs of their due rights by manipulating the 2017 census results to show Karachi’s population at least 10 million less than what it actually is.  The WMC informed the respective offices of its intent to pursue the United Nations regarding the census issue.

Moreover, the delegation also provided documentary evidence of the Pakistani military Establishment’s covert and overt support for outlawed militant/terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani Network, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other rogue organizations operating inside of Pakistan.  The World Muhajir Congress also delivered video links posted online showing compelling evidence of the Sindh Rangers permitting Islamic extremist organizations in Karachi to collect funds, preach hatred, and recruit the Muhajir youth to carry out terrorist activities, whereas liberal and secular political forces representing the masses in Urban Sindh have been severely restricted or completely barred from participating in the democratic process.  The meetings went on to discuss the increasing role of China in the region, and its vast influence over the Pakistani military Establishment.

The respective offices of Congressman Ami Bera and Senator Cardin, although appalled and shocked over the material presented, acknowledged that they are fully aware of the Pakistan military’s dubious role in the War on Terror, and confirmed that U.S. policy towards South Asia is now ready to be reexamined by U.S. policymakers.  To this note, the WMC assured the respective offices that it is ready to play its role in advising U.S. policymakers regarding the current geo-political situation in South Asia, more specifically as it relates to Pakistan and Urban Sindh.

Prior to concluding the meetings, the two sides agreed to meet on a regular basis to discuss matters pertaining to South Asia with an emphasis on the detrimental role of the Pakistani military Establishment in the region.

Congressman Ami Bera is the member of House Foreign Affairs Committee. Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is the ranking member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.