WMC welcomes Trump Administration’s South Asia Policy to eradicate jihadi terrorism and terror sanctuaries from Pakistan.

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World Muhajir Congress (WMC) is excited and elated at the straight honest strategy laid out by President Trump and his advisors on Afghanistan and for South Asia. President Trump clearly puts Pakistan’s leadership on notice and warned them to stop harboring terrorists and jihadi terror outfits.

This is a win for the Muhajirs and the people of Pakistan in highlighting the oppression perpetrated by various terrorist organizations having a free reign in creating chaos, violence, and, terror with support of Pakistan Army and ISI.

The dirty double game of Pakistan Army and the spy agency ISI, would finally come to an end after President Trump’s clear stance on addressing the root cause of terrorism, Pakistan’s military establishment.

World Muhajir Congress has been actively campaigning and advocating US leadership, and think tank community to bring attention to cause of Muhajirs.

On August 14th, WMC Press Conference held at National Press Club, in Washington DC, the Directors spoke many of the issues including Pakistan’s role in promoting extremism and terrorism mentioned in the President’s address to the US nation and their allies. The advocacy group urged Trump administration to cut off military aid to Pakistan in a memorandum which later became part of the US Congress record.

World Muhajir Congress and 50 million Muhajirs stand strong in supporting President Trump and South Asia country partners in creating peace and stability in the region.

WMC welcomes Trump Administration’s South Asia Policy to eradicate Jihadi terrorism and terror sanctuaries from Pakistan.

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