Boycott Pakistan Day Celebrations

Posted by (4)World Muhajir Congress (WMC) has appealed to all ethnic Urdu-speaking-Muhajirs and Balochs to boycott Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations on 14th August as a mark of protest against genocide of Muhajirs and Balochs at the hands of Pakistan’s Punjabi Army.

The group says 14th of August is a black day for Muhajirs, Balochs and Pakistan’s other ethnic and religious minorities who are a victim of physical and economical genocide at the hands of Pakistan’s Punjabi Army and its vicious intelligence agencies, ISI ever since Pakistan came into being.

The Washington D.C.-based group, that is raising voice for political and human right for Urdu-speaking Muhajirs in Pakistan, says that World Muhajir Congress will be holding its first press conference in the U.S. Capital on 14th August to make important announcements about its future line of action and to give road map to save lives and future of 50 million Muhajirs. The presser would highlight role of Pakistani spy agency ISI in promoting religious extremism and terrorism in the region as well as worldwide.

In a media statement issued on Friday, the group said that two million Muhajirs sacrificed their lives for the creation of Pakistan and migrated from India in 1947, but were never accepted in Pakistan by Pakistan’s Punjabi army-establishment. Muhajirs have faced persistent racial discrimination, injustice and inequality since the inception of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Punjabi-dominated Army and its intelligence agency ISI have treated Karachi and other urban centers of Sindh as an occupied colony. They are looting wealth from Karachi, which is financial hub of Pakistan, and are brutally suppressing those who demand their due rights.

The statement adds that Pakistan Army and Paramilitary Rangers have killed more than 22,000 innocent Muhajirs in brutal military operations in Karachi and other urban centers of Sindh in the last few years. The fundamental rights, political space and individual freedom of Muhajirs have all been curtailed. The security forces are committing gross human rights violations in Karachi with cases of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, inhumane torture and illegal arrests increasing with every passing day. ISI has unleashed its sponsored jihadi outfits in Karachi and these groups have now established their terrorist bases in and outside Karachi and other urban areas, putting lives of millions of secular Muhajirs in grave danger.

WMC has expressed deep gratitude to the U.S. Congressman Ted Poe for raising concern on ethnic cleansing of Muhajirs in U.S. Congress and making group’s memorandum on cutting military and financial aid to Pakistan a part of Congress record.

WMC says that in the last 70 years, Pakistani state has failed to protect rights and lives of Muhajir and Balochs. Military operations in Karachi and Baluchistan have taken thousands of lives. Muhajir and Baloch youth are abducted by paramilitary forces and their mutilated bodies are dumped in remote areas. Thousands of Muhajirs and Balochs are still missing after being taken into custody by Pakistani security forces.

World Muhajir Congress in its appeal has urged Muhajirs and Balochs to boycott Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations as a mark of protest against genocide of Muhajirs and Balochs at the hands of Pakistan’s Punjabi Army. It further stated that proud Muhajirs and Balochs will not accept slavery of Pakistan’s Punjabi Army at any cost.

The group has pledged to highlight Pakistani atrocities and raise the issue of atrocities being committed against Muhajirs and other ethnic and religious minorities at all international forums.

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